Fabulous Fall Fashion

I know this isn’t pet photography related, but I thought I would share with you guys a shoot that I did this past weekend. I teamed up with Yena J. of KFashionhouse.com, and Lori M., a half-Korean (defines the term caucASIAN, lol), aspiring actress/model (okay, maybe not model, but I think she definitely could be one) to help showcase a small portion of KFashionhouse’s Fall Collection. Yena planned 10 looks, but unfortunately, due to time and weather constraints (dam* Michigan weather–says it’s supposed to be sunny, and it always end ups cloudy!!), we weren’t able to get through all of them. So look for Part 2!

KFashionhouse is an online Asian Fashion retailer of the latest Asian styles from Japan, China, and Korea, and can be checked out here, and her blog here. They have super duper cute clothes, and you don’t have to be Asian to wear them! I had a really hard time resisting not running off with everything in sight. :p

This is my first venture into “fashion/editorial/portraiture” photography. Let me know what you guys think!

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Lori M, model (left), and Yena J. of KFashionhouse.com (right), getting together for a quick picture while in between looks.


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