Sasha the Persian

With the holidays coming up and the year quickly coming to an end, the photography projects have slowed down quite a bit as people, including myself, have less and less time to spare. That being said, I am going to try and keep this blog better updated.

For today’s entry, I thought I would share with you the very first pet photoshoot (which got me hooked) that I did with my friend Jess, who I feel like I’ve known FOREVER, pretty much since the wee days of Chinese school. Jess and her boyfriend, Daniel, were wonderful to work with. Very patient and willing to try out all the ideas I had; Sasha–not so much. I could tell she was getting a little cranky with being picked up and set down at random places, lol.

Sasha is the TINIEST cat that I have ever seen. She probably weighed like two pounds and makes my cats look like they’re wildcats. Seriously, my cats were bigger than her when I got them as KITTENS. Are Persians supposed to be that small? Can anybody familiar with this breed enlighten me? Well, despite being tiny, Sasha still had a lot of character, as I’m sure you will soon see from the photos. :p


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